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June 13, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

Levi Strauss’s CHRO Details Why the Company Expanded Family Leave

Why did Levi Strauss & Co. expand their paid family leave plan, and how did they make it happen? We speak with CHRO Tracy Layney to get the details.

May 24, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: Corporate Reputations Are Sliding…Here’s How To Respond

According to the annual Axios Harris Poll 100 Corporate Reputation Survey, there has been “a systemic loss in corporate reputation” over the past year.

May 23, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

How Will Predictive AI Reshape Business? Our Conversation with Igor Tulchinsky

We sat down with the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of WorldQuant to discuss the benefits and dangers of predictive AI for America’s business leaders and workers.

May 20, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The Corporate Guide to Human Capital Disclosure & Leading Practice

Providing a framework for how corporate leaders can improve both transparency and performance on the worker issues that matter most to Americans.

May 17, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: How Can AI Benefit Workers?

We often dwell on the possible negative societal impacts of AI when we contemplate its future – instinctive fear of the unknown perhaps – but there are also some clear and very immediate positive applications. 

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May 10, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: Which Companies Do Best For Working Mothers?

Many companies are also doing more to explicitly accelerate progress for women within their workplaces – here are the leaders.

May 9, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

«Ӱҵ Capital’s Top 5 Companies for Parents in 2024

What employers in the Russell 1000 lead the pack with their parental leave policies in 2024? Here are the five that came to the forefront. 

May 3, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: Jamie Dimon Lays Out the Business Case for DEI

Amidst all the backlash on ESG and DEI, it’s been interesting to track what’s actually going on behind the scenes at the corporations we track – and why.

April 26, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: The Returns are In – Stakeholder Leadership Pays

As of March 29, 2024, our flagship index – the «Ӱҵ U.S. Large Cap Diversified Index (JULCD)  – has outperformed the Russell 1000 (Cap-Weighted) benchmark by 0.346% year-to-date and by 10.7% since inception.

April 19, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: Ten Corporations That Are Leading On Environmental Protection

Monday is the 54th annual Earth Day, so in honor of that I thought we’d highlight a few companies that are showing extraordinary leadership on environmental matters. 

April 17, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

America’s Top 10 Companies for Environmental Performance in 2024

For Earth Day, we evaluated the 10 companies with the best environmental performance in our 2024 «Ӱҵ of America’s Most «Ӱҵ Companies. Here are the leaders:

April 12, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: Are Fortune’s 100 Best Places To Work Also «Ӱҵ Employers?

Fortune published their 2024 100 Best Places to Work list recently. It’s highly regarded by major employers and obviously reflects a theme we know to be a top priority for the public, so we thought it’d be fun to compare and contrast against our own «Ӱҵ Jobs Scorecard, which we released last week. 

April 5, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: A New Scorecard for Investing in the American Worker

Investing in human capital is one of the essential elements of business leadership today. But without a comprehensive set of metrics and a clear definition of what good actually looks like, it’s very difficult to know where to invest in order to improve.

workers on a wind turbine

April 5, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

«Ӱҵ Capital Launches 2024 ‘«Ӱҵ Jobs Scorecard’ Assessing Corporate Performance on Quality Jobs

Disclosures on the rise, but room for improvement for all of America’s largest companies.

April 4, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

«Ӱҵ Capital’s Quarterly Review of Stakeholder Performance – Q1 2024

As of March 29, 2024, our flagship index – the «Ӱҵ U.S. Large Cap Diversified Index (JULCD) has out-performed the Russell 1000 (Cap-Weighted) benchmark by 0.35% year-to-date and by 10.7% since its inception.

April 3, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

«Ӱҵ Jobs Scorecard: Human Capital Disclosure Rising, But Still Plenty of Room for Improvement

Without a standard set of foundational job quality metrics or a clear definition of what good looks like, it’s not always apparent how company leaders can demonstrate their employee value proposition or evaluate where they should invest to improve performance. This is why we’ve created the «Ӱҵ Jobs Scorecard.

female exec speaks to group of other execs

April 3, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

What Corporate Leaders Should Know About Our New «Ӱҵ Jobs Scorecard

Leadership on good jobs isn’t confined to one industry. In fact, there are eight different industries represented among the ten top-performing companies overall.

March 29, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: Investing In American Workers At Every Stage Of Life

Helping workers prepare for their financial futures is a major «Ӱҵ issue. And it’s not only a problem for older working Americans. Indeed many Gen X and Millennial adults in the workforce today worry about the costs associated with both caring for their parents as well as their children. 

March 28, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

America’s Top Companies for Women in 2024

These leading companies perform well on a number of data points, including offering flexible work hours, disclosing gender diversity data, and performing pay gap analyses.

March 22, 2024  |  «Ӱҵ Capital

The «Ӱҵ Report: Investors Must Get Up The Curve On AI Risks And Opportunities

In the early 2000s, I was fortunate enough to be involved in some of the initial groundbreaking work that brought climate risks forward to the global investor community as a matter of significant financial relevance. This feels similar, but even more urgent.

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